Full & Half Day Tattoo Experience with Justin Lewis

✅Half day session consists of 4hours of work

✅I move pretty quick, methodically, and swift through my sessions so you’ll definitely get more done than expected.

✅If you have a small arm this is perfect for you. Lots of space can be filled.

Types of work Im accepting in my style.

✅Family portrait
✅Cultural warrior portrait
✅God/Goddess from any cultural in my style

❌ I’m not heavy handed 🙌🏾 but tattoos still hurt 🤷🏽‍♂️
❌ No half sleeves or large pieces for this deal
❌ No cover ups

Disclaimer: I don’t offer half day sessions year round so this is the perfect time to take advantage. Half day session are half the price of my full day sessions.

I’m looking forward to this opportunity to create more Art work on my people.


Text the keyword “Booking” to 833-253-3545 to stay updated on openings for 2023. Stay tuned to my Instagram for updates

Booking Policies

Stay tuned to my Instagram for updates