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Crea8tive 12 Week Online Course

Online course BONUS:
Don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity to level up your tattooing skills with a 12-week online course and a bonus 3-day in-person training session with Justin in Orlando, Florida. This immersive experience includes exercise, fun, food, meditation, live demonstrations in drawing and tattooing, followed by a live follow-along. Plus, the winner of the "most improved" award will receive a half-day session with Justin! Your Airbnb and food are included (flight not included). Don't let this chance to enhance your tattooing skills pass you by!


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We Begin Our Journey

Lesson #1-3

Here we go over your artistic goals and cover large areas of information in pricing, booking, branding, mindset and understanding methodology.

-What is your Why?

-In depth critique of your work: portfolio and website/social media

-Finding your niche and attracting your ideal clientele

Design, Application, Demonstration

Lesson #4-7

We deep dive into drawing, design, and application in these lessons. We take a few opportunities to connect as a group for Q&A and demonstration via ZOOM Calls

-Digital Tattoo Design

-How to merge your style with the clients ideas and needs.

-Techniques covering skin tones, black & grey, shading, & lining

now we dive deeper

Lesson #8-11

Here we focus on complex topics such as mindset, strategizing and branding yourself, social media content crea8tion as well as review and critique from previous lessons.

-How to brand hourself tailored to your goal and lifestyle

-Intentional posting and engagement

In Person Meeting at My Shop

Lesson #12

In the final lesson you will have the opportunity to meet me at my shop and will observe and shadow a 4Hr Tattoo session from start to finish. If you are not able to visit in person I will still provide this accommodation via ZOOM Call.

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